MLDO-158 完璧なる人間便器とアナル覚醒 妖湖
Perfect human toilet and Awaken anal.




As usual, Mistress Youko has brought her contracted masochistic eternal slave to her dungeon to train him to be her perfect slave.Making him do things such as licking her boots, licking her sweaty feet,  Whipped by her double whip to strengthen his durability , sitting on the tongue service chair sipping wine while he licks her pussy and anus,Taking a Golden shower while wearing a bottle mask that forces him to drink every drop,taking him for a walk in his butt compression harnessrestraining his arms in a straight jacket and sitting on his face, extreme anal penetration with giant strap-ons, fists, and legs,And lastly, for his extreme training, to make him the perfect human toilet, have him drink her golden shower, eat her Brown shower mixed with his cum with an mouth opener then taping his mouth shut so he is forced to ingest everything .