MLDE-010 生涯を愛するミストレスに捧げた男 鈴木さとみ
The man who gave his life to the mistress he loved



This man has worked and only worked all his life, finally becoming the president of the company. He had no care for a love life. One day, he met a beautiful woman and fell in love. But this woman had a sadistic fetish. Her conditions... "If you want to be with me for the rest of your life, you must offer me everything that you own, you have to be everything that I want, we will never fuck and you will only cum when I let you". The man thought about it but realized that in order for him to be with the woman he loves, he will have to surrender to her demands. After giving all his possessions, the woman quickly bought a house. The man now owning nothing has come to live with her. Without being able to step foot outside forever, his new life has started with the woman he loves.Let us see how these two are doing on a daily basis.