MLDO-152 専属マゾ奴隷壮絶調教の旅 沙爛
Devoted Masochist Slave Scream Training Trip.


大阪難波SMクラブ Ishtar


There is a slave who has had absolute devotion to his mistress beaten into him, and now thinks of his entire reason for being as being useful to his mistress. As a slight reward to her slave for serving her faithfully up till now, the mistress decides to bring the slave on a two-night three-day trip accompanied by uncompromising screaming play like gas mask breathing management, spanking, CBT, humbler, upright sleeping in an inflatable body sack, tightly bound stink attack, foot sole caning, scattered thumbtack scattering one-whip lashing, forced piss odor sucking in a sleep sack, golden Shower and spit dripping, strap-on dildo, vacuum bed, and more.