MLDO-165 雄豚2匹と雌豚1匹を購入したミストレス 虹邑みなみ
The Mistress that bought 2 male pigs and a female pig




A Mistress that just sold her perfect slave is going to the slave auction house to pick up 2 male slave and a female slave. The Mistress brought the three slaves to her estate and confined them in her cell. Then have them become her toy to play with her one at a time. Since she bought these slaves and have become her property, the slaves will be obligated to be obedient and do as she pleases. The Mistress is an equal opportunity Mistress. She will the same torture to both the male and female slaves. She will mercilessly use the big whip to even the female slave and explore her pussy with the fellow slaves and rent her out as sex dolls to her male friends.