MLDE-002 貞操帯で射精管理されるクンニ特訓所 早川瑞希 星川凛々花
Chastity Belt-Based Ejaculation Managed Cunnilingus Training Site.



This special training site was established to improve slaves' cunnilingus and anal tongue service skills and many mistresses send in slaves to possess perfect cunnilingus machines. Female instructors at the special training institute have slaves wear chastity belts, ban any masturbation, manage ejaculation, always keep sexual desire at the highest levels, and concentrate on cunnilingus and anal tongue service. If cunnilingus does not progress, or slaves fail their cunnilingus test, slaves are punished without mercy. Female instructors use their position as faculty to punish slaves by having them perform cunnilingus and anal for hours until they satisfy the pussy and use them as a masturbation tool so that they can have pleasure only themselves, laughing at slaves who cannot ejaculate thanks to their chastity belts.